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Coming in September 2022:

  • Time Series Analysis using Regression Techniques.
  • Introduction to GAM and GAMM (frequentist). 

See highstat.com for details.

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Highland Statistics Ltd would like to welcome you to its course website. If you are joining one of our onsite courses, then click on the menu item 'COURSES' at the top of this page. If you signed up for an online course, then click on the menu item 'ONLINE COURSES' at the top of this page.

Our course material is based on a series of 11 statistical textbooks. The books cover introductory topics like R, data exploration and linear regression, but also advanced material like zero-inflated GLMMs with spatial and spatial-temporal dependency. Our first 3 books were published by Springer in 2007 and 2009. Since then we have published another 8 books.

These books can be purchased (exclusively) from www.highstat.com.